[Watch] Kasabian - "Velociraptor!" Live at Hurricane Festival

Personally, I loved the new sound of Kasabian and their lead single "Swithcblade Smiles" and now at the weekend they played Hurricane Festival and debuted another new song titled "Velociraptor" which is a fast paced building repetitive riff and immediately sounds like the Kasabian we've come to love with a little twist. I can't wait to hear this on record and the final product out of a live environment with the weird mixes that comes with festival appearances on occasion. I think come next summer they'll have 50+thousand people screaming the verse to this at them!

Excited for the new release guys? this is the title track and you can pre-order a copy of Velociraptor! over here. I think the SKoA crew are especially when you throw Dan The Automator into the mix on production duties!