[Listen] Björk – "Cosmogony"

Tomorrow Bjork will release her next taste of Biophilia in the form of the track "Cosmogony" and with that will come the availability of her App too! We've touched on this before as the singr will release an app for each of the ten songs on her album all will eventually work together and bounce off of one another in some sort of way. CoS has some pictures of the app along with some further descriptions via the New Zealand iTunes App Store (on which the app is already available). Along with some retro looking screen caps which make me want to go play Asteroids or some old school game of that sort. You know the ones I mean. They look pretty darn cool

You may remember the instrumental from the Solar System app that was released on the iPad earlier this year. Give it a spin and let us know what you guys think. Also, what do you think of this whole App per song gig. Cool or just another way to shift some single? Let us know!