[Listen] Flying Lotus - "Lullaby" x "Heave(n) Mix 2"

Last month Flying Lotus let us all in on some new, old tracks that he'd re-discovered, as well as a rework of a Bjork track he'd done. Now he's giving us some brand spanking new tunage via the crazy world that is the interwebz. Up for offering today are two new tracks he kindly shared with the world and you can't knock his work ethic. None stop touring and new tunes on a regular basis. First up you can check out a track called "Lullaby" and secondly "Heave(n) mix 2". Anyone else think that they have an air of Radiohead's King of Limbs vibe going on or is that just where my mind's at today? Either way, both are a nice listen and it's good to have an idea of where FlyLo is at right now. Thanks to OneThirtyBPM for the heads up on these.

Flying Lotus - lullaby by Flyinglotus

Flying lotus - heave (n) mix2 by Flyinglotus