[Watch] Noel Gallagher's "The Death Of You And Me" Trailer (Video)

We all knew the day was coming that Noel Gallagher would release his solo effort after the very messy death of Oasis and his brother keeping the embers of the band burning ever so slightly with Beady Eye. And last week confirmation came with a press conference and confirmation of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. Today you can check out a trailer from Noel's camp regarding the lead single titled: "The Death of You And Me" . Of the music on the album Noel says he "really like[s] it, it's amazing". So let the bravado filled campaign commence and let the music do the talking and hopefully shut Liam up for a few months with a great solo album. Watch the trailer at the top. Hat tip to Prefix for the heads up on this trailer.