[Download] Library Voices - "Generation Handclap"

Photo Credit: Chris Graham

The seven-piece indie-pop outfit Library Voices will be making the trek from Regina, Saskatchewan to Los Angeles this September to play at Hotel Cafe. To celebrate, the band is offering a download of their single, "Generation Handclap" from their 7" release back in may via Nevado Records. The song will be on the band’s upcoming full length, as well as a remix of the song by Kitchen Party.

The band is comprised of Carl Johnson (guitar, vocals), Amanda Scandrett (keyboard, vocals), Paul Gutheil (sax, vocals), Michael Thievin (drums), Brennan Ross (guitar, vocals), Eoin Hickey-Cameron (bass), and Michael Dawson (keyboard, vocals), and has included other friends and musicians along the way. The result of their combined talents is a bright-eyed, feel good rave-up that sounds like it’s been soaked in sunshine and gin sodas.
If you are in the Los Angeles area be sure to check out the band at Hotel Cafe on September 1st!

Library Voices- "Generation Handclap" by Some Kind of Awesome