[Listen] Friendly Fires - "Edge Of Glory" (Lady Gaga Cover) Radio One Live Lounge

Friendly Fires were the musicians stepping into the Radio One Live lounge today and they brought with them a fun cover of Lady Gaga's "Edge Of Glory". Putting an indie pop cowbell twang to Gaga's lead single from her recent release. Friendly Fires do well to make it their own with weird synth tones and a cow bell filled drum beat. It'll make you want to get up out of your office chair and dance. Nothing against Gaga but I actually prefer this version for a feel good summer vibe. These guys seem to bring the sun with them wherever they go. It could just be the bad shirts though. 

Check out the cover below and if you like the vibes on this track you may like their recent album, Pala, which is jam packed full of 'em. It's available to purchase over here just in case you were wondering.