[Listen] Omar Souleyman’s Björk Remixes

Bjork is pushing everything forward with her latest release Biophilia and today you can get another gift in the form of some remixes. Bjork has announced that prior to the albums release on September 27th. Today you can listen to the Syrian musician Omar Souleyman's take on 3 of the new Bjork tracks. More remixes are going to be made available from Matthew Herbert. Producer Serban Ghenea's remixes are available now on CD and online. These tracks from Souleyman along with Herbert's effors will be released today (July 26th) and August 2nd in their own right. Try before you buy below with Souleyman's efforts and enjoy courtesy of CoS.

Also if you somehow missed Bjork's video for "Crystalline" this morning, go watch it and let your eyes have some sweet and trippy candy for lunch.

"Crystalline" (Omar Souleyman Remix)

"Telsa" (Omar Souleyman Remix)

"Mawal" (Omar Souleyman Remix)