[Watch] Kanye West x Rihanna - "All Of The Lights" Live At Nassau Coliseum, New York

Special guests are a common thing these days on tours, bring out a member from a support act maybe, someone else who happens to be in town maybe. However, not many people get to bring out Kanye West for a couple of songs whilst stopping off in NY. Rihanna however can and did do that last night in as part of her LOUD tour at the Nassau Coliseum. Kanye joined RiRi for a performance of "All Of The Lights" as well as "Run This Town". You can check out the performance of "All Of The Lights" at the top via Rihanna's Youtube account. Kanye seems to be rocking some Scottish/Celtic belt around his weigst. None the less he brings it live and it's a good performance.