[Wacth] Grouplove - "Tongue Tied" (Video)

Grouplove grabbed our attention earlier in the year with their infectiously catchy EP Colours and now they're prepping their album Never Trust a Happy Song and have put out this cool video for "Tongue Tied" from the album. The video was filmed in London and sees a mans urgency to get away from 3 suited, wrestling mask wearing guys. It's a little weird and as Spinner points out, a little like Coldplay's "The Scientist" in that it's ran backwards from end to start. It seems like the British weather was actually decent when they shot the video, a little too good according to bassist Sean Gadd who spoke to Spinner. He said:

"This video was our first to shoot outside of California. Out of the sunshine of L.A. and into the rain and fog of London town, the irony being that the band had never worked in an environment this hot before. It was the hottest day of the year, we had no air conditioning and had to be constantly jumping around in a blacked-out house, which more looked like an ex-Victorian London pub, while under lighting that certainly did not cool us down. Hopefully you can see the pain and suffering we went through to make this video, and you might even see what a blast we were having."

Check out the video at the top and look out for the release of  Never Trust a Happy Song on September 13th via Canvasback Music/Atlantic.