[SKoA Presents] Outlines

And once again we're back with another SKoA Presents feature, which we hope to bring you weekly and present your readers with some of our favorite buzz artists. This week, we got one of my favorite alternative hip hop acts/producers from France, Irfane Khan-Acito, Jérôme Hadey and Jay 1 better known as Outlines.

I first heard the group back in 2008, with their single "Now That I'm Free" featuring my favorite Wu-Tang member RZA and fell in love with the group and their debut record Our Lives Are Too Short. The album contained a mixture of Hip Hop, Funk, Electronic, Disco and more along with solid production and amazing melodies. Sadly, after the release of their debut album I didn't hear much from the group, other than a remix they did for Charlotte Gainsbourg's IRM single "Time Of The Assassins" & Outlines vocalist Irfane's feature on Ed Banger artist, Breakbot's single "Baby I'm Yours" until recently when they released an EP for their newest single "I Cannot Think" (in which you can view the extremely weird and kinda fucked up video above). 

Being a producer myself, I love alot of cross genre producers/bands like N*E*R*D, The KickDrums, Colin MunroeNo Planes In Space, Christian Rich, Chester French, Cocaine 80s and Stateless. So give Outlines a try and check out some of my favorite choice cuts from the group which include "Rain Again" and a demo version of "Visions" featuring RZA from their recent EP and others from the band's debut album Our Lives Are Too Short. If you dig it, definitely pick up anything you can find from them, sadly the groups EP is only available in France (and was a pain in the ass to obtain btw) but hopefully we will see an international release soon as well as new album from the gang soon.

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