[Listen] Mumford & Sons Debut New Song Live, "Home"

Mumford & Sons had an unbelievable 2010 and rose through the live ranks quickly until this year they played an epic set at Glastonbury at which they looked dumfounded at the fact so many people were singing back at them. They earned it though and the folk filled boys debuted a new track in the studio Colorado radio station KBCO as well as on numerous dates on recent tours. Our friends over at TwentyFourBit got hold of a recording of the latter and you can check it out below. It's been fan named "Home" and it'll give you a nice taste of what's to come from LP number two from the London boys. Check it.

Mumford & Sons - "Home/Untitled" (Live on KBCO) by TwentyFourBit.com