[Download] Aesop Rock - "Party Time Mix 3.0" (Instrumental) (From Dewana’s Bridal Score)

Back when Aesop Rock's released his last solo album None Shall Pass in 2009, he announced on his MySpace blog that he was currently on board to work on the score for the upcoming short film by Ace Norton called "Dewana's Bridal" starring  Jamie King, Selma Blair and Kick Gurry. We got our first taste of the score with the stripclub anthem "Take A Titty Out" last year. Now, Aesop drops another joint from the upcoming film on his site 900Bats titled "Party Time Mix 3.0".

As Aesop explains, "This is an instrumental bit used during a scene where a provocative woman appears. She later gets *spoilers* TOTALLY KILLED." Awesome. we hope to hear more from this upcoming film score soon but for those who miss Aesop on the rhymes, if you haven't already, pick up Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz and Aesop Rock's recent group album Are You Gonna To Eat That? by Hail Mary Mallon. Aesop is also set to appear on Kimya Dawson's upcoming album Thunder Thighs this fall, as well as release a collabortive album with Dawson in the Fall and hopefully, drop a new solo album by year's end. We'll keep you posted. But for now enjoy this new tune from Mr. Rock.