[Listen] Calvin Harris - "Feel So Close"

Okay, now THIS is what I'm talkin' about!!! Why were you hiding this one for so long, Calvin!?!

Last night on Pete Tong's show on BBC Radio One we got to sink our teeth into Calvin Harris' latest track, "Feel So Close" and I can hardly contain myself I'm so into this track. It's such a well-rounded dance track. It doesn't polarize to any particular Calvin fan-type the way that "Awooga" did when it first dropped. This song just latches on to you and screams "STOP EVERYTHING AND START DANCING RIGHT NOW!"

I have to be honest, when I first heard "Awooga" I was a little worried about how his next album was going to turn off old fans, but with every listen of "Feel So Close" in addition to "Bounce" being so addictive, things are starting to flesh out and make more sense to me. When the news broke that he wasn't going to be singing as much anymore, I was pretty bummed, but if taking the focus off of him singing means that when he finally steps to the mic that we're going to get bangers like this along with tracks like "Bounce" and "Awooga", then buddy boy you take as much time as you need behind the boards to get it done. 

I'm glad I stuck around even though "Awooga" felt really off at the beginning. "Feel So Close" is like the best kind of drug and I can't wait for another hit.

So enough jibber jabber, enjoy "Feel So Close" below.