[News] Arctic Monkeys To Start Record Label Bidding War?

Arctic Monkeys recently released their fourth studio album, Suck It and See, and in doing so not only became the second ever band to have 4 consecutive albums go to the top of the charts, but they completed their record deal with Domino Records. The question then arises what next? They've been given a lot of freedom from Domino man Laurence Bell and in turn they could always stay at Domino and do record 5. The other option of course is that the big dogs come out to play and start bidding for the Sheffield lads to come to a bigger label but is this the right choice? 

The source for this possibility of a bidding war did come from The Sun, and we know the deal with UK Newspapers at the moment, who knows who to trust or where the source came from, but I think this as a topic is interesting and worth a mention. When I think of Domino Records I don't have any negative connotations. They put out good music on a regular basis and I trust them to continue to do the same. I can't say the same for many bigger labels. 

What do you think about Arctic Monkeys' previous efforts on their current label and what could the cost of them going to a bigger label mean for the band and their way of doing things?