[Watch] Foo Fighters - 'Garage Tour' Documentary

After all the hype, all the secret shows, the build up and the eventual release of what was undoubtedly a great Foo Fighters record, if not the best, we have some more goodness from them today. We knew that the band toured the country playing fans' garages and random spaces all over the place but today we can enjoy the footage they compiled over the moths of non stop touring and garage fun. They can go from playing Wembley, Milton Keynes Bowl, Arenas the world over and make you feel like you're right down in the golden circle. Here they kill it back at their roots and you can see the happiness in the crowds faces as they stand just a few feet away from the worlds biggest rock band. Playing in tiny spaces to just a handful of people each night, this is a nice insight into the band and the results are beautiful. Can you imagine having these guys in your garage rocking out. Bet the neighbours were happy.

Check it out at the top and go grab Wasting Light over here.