[Watch] The National - "Exile Verify" (Portal 2 Contest Winners Video)

The National were one of the bands who contributed to the recent first person platform game, Portal 2. Them and developers Valve Software decided to hold a competition for a fan made video which would become the visuals for their song, "Exile Verify". The competition was so close though that Valve couldn't pick a winner and relied on the band to pick one. They also struggled, which meant there was a 1st place and a 1.00000000001st place too which I guess is better than a straight up 2nd place, right?

The top spot was handed to youtube user C.F. Meister and sees him using sock puppets to mime the lyrics to the song in a depressing landscape. The winning clip is viewable at the top while the video for placing 1.00000000001 is available after the jump. Hats off to all the competition entries though and the time they put into their numerous projects for this competition.

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