[Watch] Best Coast - "Our Deal" (Directed By Drew Barrymore)

We got wind of Drew Barrymore stepping up to direct a new Best Coast video it spiked out interest but now that it's actually happened, damn did she pull some cool actors for it. It features Chloe Moretz who you'll recognise from Kick-Ass, Don Glover aka Childish Gambino, Alia Shawkat aka Maeby Fünke daughter of Analrapist Tobias in Arrested Development. Then there's Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf, Miranda Cosgrove who your kids may recognise from iCarly. Another throwback video this time, as P4K points out, leaning towards The Warriors kind of video. Check it out below and while you're here there's a behind the scenes that sees Bethany and Drew chatting and looking very comfortable in one another's company.

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