[News] Tom Waits Releasing New Album, 'Bad As Me' October 25th

Yesterday we go to hear a brand new track from Tom Waits (it was short lived as we know but hopefully it'll be back soon.) However, news today has come from the man himself in the weird little video at the top that he is indeed releasing a new album and the track we heard was the title track. Bad As Me is set to hit stores on October 25th in a few months. Check out the video at the top and the track listing below.

Bad As Me Tracklist:

01. Chicago
02. Raised Right Men
03. Talking At the Same Time
04. Get Lost
05. Face to the Highway
06. Pay Me
07. Back In the Crowd
08. Bad As Me
09. Kiss Me
10. Satisfied
11. Last Leaf
12. Hell Broke Luce
13. New Year’s Eve
14. She Stole the Blush (Bonus)
15. Tell Me (Bonus)
16. After You Die (Bonus)