[Listen] Mogi Grumbles - 'End Of Line' [Original Tron Re-Score]

Move over Daft Punk, let Mogi Grumbles show you how it's done. Electronic producer, Mogi Grumbles has released an awesome amazing original re-score of the movie Tron (1982) titled End of Line. The album is a 100% independent composition that lives wholly outside the original film score by Wendy Carlos and Annemarie Franklin.

The album was released back in April in exchange for naming your own price and has now has been officially released on iTunes and on digital retailers for all to enjoy. Take a listen to the album below and let us know what you think. Shouts to the homie Mux Mool for putting us on to this one.

Mogi Grumbles - End Of Line [Original Tron Re-Score] by Moodgadget