[Watch] Scroobius Pip - "Introdiction" (Video)

Last week I got very excited at the prospect of Scroobius Pip releasing a solo album, not just that, the list of collaborators he'd enrolled for it. As hard hitting and lyrically adept as you'd expect this first taste of what Pip has to offer will have your head in a spin and wanting more from the moment you hit play. The simplistic video lends it's hand to the wordplay Scroob offers up for us. It also sees him shave his hair off whilst carrying on with his impeccable spiel. He's growing and this shows it. His album Distraction Pieces will hit the world on September 19th via Speech Development.

As mentioned before if you want to sample Scroobius Pip and his new material he'll be playing Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on 18th August. 

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