[Download] Gallows - "True Colours"

Gallows have upped the first taste of their new lineup since their mad man Frank Carter parted ways just over a month ago. It was a weird one hearing that Frank was leaving, for me, seeing Gallows in their early days as a teenager I remember the energy Frank could transpire to the crowd, the pure crazy that dripped from his pasty frame. This new track with Wade MacNeil formerly of Alexisonfire is our first sample of the new direction the band are about to embark upon. In short, it's 37 seconds of pure adrenalin. The sound is different, and they've gone with the name "True Colours", although I'm sure a lot of fans will disagree it is their true colours, this is time for people to open their minds and accept the new line up. This is Gallows. You can download it over here.