[Download] ††† Crosses - "Bermuda Locke†" (Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross Remix)

Listen up people. When Chino and Shaun Lopez announced the EP of their side project Crosses out of nowhere the internet went crazy. Well, how about today the unannounced appearance of a tonne of sets of guitars, vocals and beats so fans can remix the tracks however they like? Pretty cool huh?! Head on over to their soundcloud to download the bits and pieces you need to start creating your own magical bits of music. 

First up get a taste for what's possible courtesy of RCRD LBL who have offered up this remix of "Bermuda Locke†" from Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross. BOOM. Your humpday just got way more interesting. Well, however much more interesting it could after the announcement of Jack White working with the Insane Clown Posse! (pic via Tyler William Parker)