[Listen] The Death Ramps (The Arctic Monkeys) - "Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler)" Feat. Miles Kane

Arctic Monkeys have previously used the pseudonym Death Ramps in the past when they released a few B-Sides on their album Favourite Worst Nightmare. A track titled "Nettles" would be a prime example of this. Simplistic and edgy yet with the charm you'd come to expect from the Sheffield lads. Now, with another two albums under their belts since then the band name has appeared again for a B-Side release. Not only that they've got their good friend Miles Kane to come along and help out on vocal duties. The band put the song up on their Facebook page but you can enjoy the track titled "Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Rider)" which to me just in name seems like a reference to the Merseyside dwellings of Miles? Just me? 

Check the track out below and welcome it into the collection of great releases from the Yorkshire boys.