[Watch] Bright Eyes - "Arienette" Feat. Tom Morello Live @ Ottawa Folk Festival

Last week during their set at the Ottawa Folk Festival, Bright Eyes brought out a secret weapon that would trump most bands secret weapons in my opinion, that weapon was the whammy pedal donning Tom Morello. Tom came on stage to help the band play through a few tracks. First up he played through "Arienette" from Bright Eye's 2000's Fevers and Mirrors and Tom then stayed on stage for "Road to Joy," off 2005's I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning.Our friends over at TwentyFourBit uncovered a video of Tom on stage during "Arienette" and you can enjoy what begins as a standard performance from Conor Oberst. Did I say normal? It is a pretty standard affair until Tom lays down his gauntlet of string scratching and kill switch mastery. Jeez, I need to practice this crap more. Crazy stuff.  Check it out at the top for yourselves.