[Download] Scroobius Pip - "Let Em Come" (REDUX Feat. Sage Francis, Metermaids & Cecil Otter)

Just two days ago we got to witness the cool concept video for Scroobius Pip's follow up to "Introdiction", "Let Em Come". Both tracks feature on his upcoming album Distraction Pieces which is set to drop on September 19th. This remix comes from Strange Famous Records and three of their affiliates: Sage Francis, Metermaids & Cecil Otter. FOr those who may not of know, Cecil is the mastermind behind the awesome Wugazi project and he made the beats here. Download it for yourselves below courtesy of Strange Famous Records

Pre-orders are available now for you guys and I'd advise you do it after giving it a couple of listens last night it is goign to be getting some heavy playback on my iTunes. Big beats and riffs paired up with Scroob's social commentary and digs works phenomenally well.

  Let Em Come REDUX (Scroobius Pip, Sage Francis, Metermaids, Cecil Otter) by Strange Famous Records