[News] Insane Clown Posse Open Up About Jack White Collaboration

Still kind of scratching my head about this one. Also the fact that Mozart had a song called "Leck Mich am Arsch" has knocked me for six. But hey, Jack White is Jack White for a reason so I'm going to let it slide and the following words may help explain the whole situation a little better. Talking with Billboard, Insane Clown Posse opened up about the unlikely pairing of ICP and JW. "I felt a little stupid talking to him because he was in a hurry...But I told him who I was and he stopped and gave me a warm acknowledgement, and we kind of chatted and then went our ways and that was it." Violent J tells Billboard. Hey, you can't blame him, if I saw Jack White in an airport I'd probably head on over and introduce myself but I have a feeling the warm acknowledgement may not follow. The weird thing is Jack then apparently began to kind of stalk ICP via their website and eventually reach out to them about the collaboration. "The most respected musician in the world and one of the most hated musicians in the world." had come together and it was Jack that initiated it.

It seems like the reason Jack was so intrigued about the ICP is the reaction he was getting from piers when he told them about his plans: nobody got the kind of reaction he got from his friends in the industry when he told them he was going to do a song with us: "He said people were like, 'What? You're kidding me.' That's what got him excited. His exact quote was, 'We could've done a song with Megadeth and it wouldn't be as talked-about as us working with you guys.' That's crazy awesome." So, there we have it, a slight explanation as to how the track below came to be. 

On a side note it looks like Insane Clown Posse will play the track live MI Fest in Brooklyn later this month on September the 17th. Just in case you were planning on watching them.

Insane Clown Posse - Leck Mich Im Arsch by Third Man Records