[Listen] Wu Lyf - "We Bros" (Young Montana? Remix) x (S.Maharba Remix)

Yesterday we posted the great new single version of Wu Lyf's anthemic "We Bros" and today we get to have a listen to not one, but two tripped out remixes. The first one is a big beat and steel drum filled jam from Young Montana? Taking the song and turning it on it's head whilst using the vocals to add that sing along and fist in the air quality.

Secondly is a remix from S. Maharba and the London based producer has kept the guitar riff in place whilst adding a big hitting bass drum that kind of glitches up the intro but it's a cool trip from start to finish that will take your mind to another place, albeit a place filled with matrix like qualities where people can bend the realms of time and space. Both remixes are great and worth 8 minutes of your day. 

WU LYF - We Bros (Young Montana? remix) by Young Montana?

WU LYF - We Bros (S.Maharba Remix) by S.Maharba