[Watch] Nirvana's 1991 Paramount Theatre Show in Full for 24 Hours (27/09/11)

Continuing the 20th anniversary celebrations of the seminal Nirvana album, Nevermind, you can watch the full Paramount Theatre show from 1991, which last week we got a tease from in the form of "Territorial Pissings". Remastered and in full HD the footage looks like it was shot moments ago!

The concert is to be online from 5pm so in about an hour and 30 minutes time from when this post goes live. I advise you all to take an hour of your day from 5pm GMT to watch the show. As with the Pink Floyd concert it'll be online for just 24 hours so capitalise on this opportunity ASAP! If for some reason you miss it, it will be streamed again on Halloween.