[Download] Blink-182 - "After Midnight"

The second in our taste of the new Blink-182 with their track "After Midnight" which was debuted by Zane Lowe a few hours ago. Not only can you listen to the track below but if you head on over to this sit called Get182.com you can download the track or as they put "win" the track. All you gotta do is get "182" on the game by clicking to start and clicking to stop the counter (shown above). Sounds easier than it is. It took me a while of getting frustrated after getting 181 and 183 about ten times each (29 attempts all together to be precise). Give it a stream below  and try the game over here. Sounds to me like classic Blink with catchy choruses and bouncy verses backed by the beast that is Travis on Drums.

The highly anticipated album Neighborhoods from the band will arrive on September 27th via Geffen if you missed the single "Up All Night" you can check it out over here.