[Listen] Foster The People - "Pumped Up Kicks" Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Foster The People's summer smash "Pumped Up Kicks has been impossible to escape over the past 3 months which isn't a bad thing at all, but it has meant you may get a little bored of it. With the high radio play rate comes a huge array of remixes and covers as we've previously seen it doesn't help the possible boredom that may begin to creep into the most die hard of fans. However, today we have a nice remix of the track which feels like a breath of fresh air after the onslaught of the summer months. 

Hypetrak points us towards this rework of the track from Power 106's DJ Reflex who's taken care of production and LA rapper Kendrick Lamar who has laid down some bars over a few of the verses. The results are satisfying and it gives the song a new lease of life (for me anyway). Slowing down the pace of the track and making it a whistle filled mix Kendrick's verses flow, nicely complementing the beats. Check it out below via LA Leakers.