[Listen] Wu Lyf - "Go Tell Fire (Reprise)"

After being crazy excited for their first full length debut although on initial assessment of the release I was left a little underwhelmed by Manchester band Wu Lyf's effort, it did eventually embed itself under my skin and now it's in regular circulation on my iTunes. After seeing the live my respect for them grew even more and today comes a track from the band that they say was always meant to be on their album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain. It's a nice bonus for fans, definitely. The track was in fact, they say, always meant to close the album and fade in ad "Heavy Pop" faded into nothingness. What the band say exactly was:

"this cut was always meant to end Go tell fire to the mountain, trail in after heavy pop fades. But we couldn’t figure it right; took 10 months of perspective to conclude, Elle rearranged and recorded it last night after repeatedly taking fists to the face, moments of clarity, gimmie 14 hail marys every morning baby because I’m a sinner."

Check it out over on their official site and let us know what you think.