[Listen] Radiohead - "Fat Girl" x "Fragile Friend"

Late last year some unheard material from the now legendary Radiohead emerged online. Even though a certain track turned out to be made by some baker in the early noughties, more new material has now surfaced from the British outfit. The tracks date back to 1986 when the band first formed at school pre-Johnny Greenwood! The band were also not as we know them, Radiohead, but under the name of, On A Friday. The tracks are titled "Fat Girl" and "Fragile Friend", nice use of alliteration in the second one don't you think? I wonder how many more unheard tracks will emerge if any? We also have (hopefully) more unheard tracks from Thom and that fashion show he put some tracks together for don’t we?!

Radiohead/On A Friday - "Fat Girl"

Radiohead/On A Friday - "Fragile Friend"