[Introducing] Blacklisters - "Swords"

This year we want to bring you heaps more cool stuff as well as some more personal opinions regarding new music we’re really digging. Included in this we may throw in some more local stuff you guys may never have found/heard if we didn’t throw it up as you could be anywhere in the world! As a collective we live in some pretty awesome Cities for new Music! Some of the things we introduce you to we hope you might like or even love too. You may also hate it but hey, you guys are here for a reason so we hope to continue to give you more awesome recommendations in 2012. To start off as we mean to go on, today, I’d like to introduce you to a band called Blacklisters. They humble from Leeds, Yorkshire and are made up of Billy Mason-Wood on Vocals, Dan Beesley on Guitar Owen Griffiths on le Bass and they're rounded out with the beats from Alistair Stobbart on Drums. Boy do they know how to make some noise. I first heard them last year when they signed to Brew Records, a label that I fully trust in bringing me awesome new music. 

Over the summer whilst at Leeds Festival I was introduced to the guys in a live setting and my mind was blow. As well as my eardrums. These guys are loud, brash and aggressive yet with that tongue in cheek  attitude you can’t help but like. After gaining some coverage in 2010 via a recording with Childhood Sweetheart Recordings they went on to tour with another favourite of  mine, Pulled Apart By Horses. (Childhood Sweetheart Records is funnily enough ran by Lee Vincent of PABH!). Fast forward to 2012 and after a load of positive live reviews they’re readying their debut album. This track was released last year and titled "Swords". The track is heavy from the start so brace yourselves for a roller-coaster of riff and rhythm for the next 3 minutes. I’ve been trying to think of a comparison to make and this track for me sounds a little Glassjaw but a little more raw with a few rougher edges. In short, I can’t get enough of it and am very much looking forward to a full length from them. What I've heard is sounding big. See what you make of it below and look out for more new music than you can imagine in the coming year. It could be heavy, if could be soft, but if we’re introducing it to you, it means it’s something we’re passionate about. – Shey