[Listen] Lower Dens - "Brains"

Baltimore-based new wave outfit Lower Dens are gearing up to release their follow-up to 2010s Twin-Hand Movement, titled Nootropics, on May1st, and today, the group released the first single from the album. The track, titled "Brains," is described by the band as one that "examines our relationship to technology, in particular artificial intelligence and is the perfect entryway into Nootropics' vast and meticulous vision." Fitting then, that they have described their upcoming studio effort as "a reference to Lower Dens' interest in transhumanism -- the use of technology to extend human capabilities." Stream the track in full below, and take a look at the album's track listing after the jump.

Lower Dens - "Brains" by Some Kind of Awesome

Nootropics Track List:

1. "Alphabet Song"
2. "Brains"
3. "Stem"
4. "Propagation"
5. "Lamb"
6. "Candy"
7. "Lion in Winter Pt. 1"
8. "Lion in Winter Pt. 2"
9. "Nova Anthem"
10. "In the End is the Beginning"

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