[Download] 1,2,3 - 'Dreamland, Pt. 1 (For Daisy)' EP

Pittsburgh rockers 1,2,3 have released a little New Years treat for all those needing to cure their hangover woes or lull their babies to sleep in the form of the five-song lullaby Dreamland, Pt. 1 (For Daisy) EP. Frontman Nic Snyder recorded the songs with his bandmates and friends as a present for his baby niece, and the recordings see the band going in a new, more ambient-focused direction. It may be a divergence from the band's usually energetic sound, but that sound still holds true on this EP, albeit with a more atmospheric and airy influence. The Dreamland, Pt. 1 (For Daisy) EP is available to stream and download for free below.