[Watch] First Aid Kit - "Emmylou" (Official Video)

With First Aid Kit's new album The Lion's Roar, set to drop in just a few weeks on the 23rd of January the ladies have offered up some official visual treats for your eyes. For their beautiful track "Emmylou" it has been given an equally easy on the eye video seeing the girls in the desert on what looks to be a spiritual awakening of some kind. Whatever it is they're up to it looks fun and I hope to one day take a trip into the mountains/desert like this, throw on a poncho and see where my mind takes me. Hopefully it won't be like Homer's weird trip in that episode of The Simpsons. The girls manage to not break the sun in this video though.

Enjoy the video at the top and look out for the album when it drops via Wichita Recordings later in the month.