[Watch] Scroobius Pip - "Soldier Boy (Kill Em)" Feat. B Dolan (Official Video)

Scroobius Pip's rip roaring debut last year was a lot to take in. From the lyrics to the heavy backing accompanying it, it was a little left field but it was so, so good.  We've already seen three videos from the album, one done on a minimum budget in a shipping container, the other featuring three ladies playing the parts of Scroob, P.O.S and Sage Francis along with a third for "The Struggle" with enough sugar skull face paint to make you think you were in Mexico for the Day of the Dead. Today though, a video appears online for the infectious upbeat jam, "Soldier Boy (Kill Em)" which features B Dolan. Regarding the video Scroob says:

"We had half a day spare with B Dolan on the last UK tour so we grabbed a camera, stole a jeep and made a video."

Think Ye and Jay-Z's "Otis" with a lower budget and more facial hair and the result would be this video. The single drops on January 29th featuring remixes from Rou of Enter Shikari, John The Baptist and WBYT.