[SKOA Premiere] Alan Wilkis - "Stay Forever feat. Paul Holmes (Vasili Gavre Remix)"

SKOA favorite Alan Wilkis was gracious enough to think of us to premiere NYC producer Vasili Gavre's remix of the third installment from his PRINTS series, "Stay Forever" which features vocals from Paul Holmes, who you may know from his projects The Tells or Adrienne Drake. If you have already been enjoying this track as much as we have, this reworked nugget from Gavre is a surefire way to keep you on your PRINTS love fest while we all anxiously for the next track to drop. The change up to the phrasing on the vocals will initially catch you off guard, but it encourages your ears to listen in different corners of the original that you hadn't thought to appreciate before, which is something I always love about good remixes. If you enjoyed Gavre's remix as much as I did, you should check out the band he's in called Americans In Paris. As far as what's next for the PRINTS  series, Wilkis told us that in the coming weeks that he'll be shooting a music video for "Stay Forever", so be on the lookout for that soon.

In other Wilkis-related news, he's currently wrapped up a new remix for The Hood Internet's new album and has started working on a project with Dan Armbruster of Joywave. According to Wilkis, "[The project is] still in the early stages there, but we're psyched about it!" As you can probably guess, when there are updates of any of the aforementioned news items you will be able to learn more right here.

Enjoy the "Stay Forever" remix by Vasili Gavre as well as the original and the additional remix of the song done by You & The Night & The Music in the player below. Make sure to grab any and all tracks that you like for the actual retail price of $FREE.99!