[Watch] SHINIES - "Ennui" (Official Video)

Today we can sit back and enjoy Manchester's SHINIES track "Ennui" which is set for released on October 22nd via Dirty Bingo Records (Novella, Woman's Hour). I've been keeping an eye on these guys since the start of the year when their name alone caught my eye. Remember being a kid and collecting football stickers and the daily question of "Got any shinies?!". A simpler time. 

It's funny really as with the video for this track, director Fabio Youniss said:

"When we think about our childhood nostalgically, we think of a time of innocence. Boredom never existed and summers would last forever, pop culture icons and cartoons were our religion."

The video does just that and with the addition of Pat Sharp being kidnapped you've got a pretty entertaining video. Check it out above and get nostalgic.