[Watch] Dead Sons - "Hangman" (Official Video)

I remember being in secondary school and there being two bands everyone would want to go jump on a train to see every so often. One was Arctic Monkeys, the other was another Sheffield band that went by the name of Milburn who actually went their separate ways back in 2008 and I hadn't thought much of it until the other day. An email arrived in the inbox regarding a band called Dead Sons which actually has a couple of the old Milburn boys in it. They even supported Arctics last year at their huge homecoming shows at Don Valley Bowl in 2011 and have released a few tracks here and their but are preparing the release of a debut album ,The Hollers and the Hymn, early next year.

Today we can sample a track from that release in a desert rock filled chug of brilliance called "Hangman" which sounds like it was crafted out at Joshua Tree. It's pretty darn impressive and I for one will definitely be keeping a close eye on these guys. The video is a flash of dark and creepy goings on too to enjoy that a top. Let us know what you make of them too!

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