[SKOA Presents] Some Kind of Mixtape: October 2012

So this month's mixtape is terribly late but it doesn't discount how great all the selections this month are! As the year is coming to a close we're starting to get some previews of what we can expect for the beginning of 2013 as well as rounding out a year of great music. As always, you can read about the selections after the jump and be sure to follow us on our mixtape medium of choice on 8tracks.

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kibbe, rocko, shey & adrian

Some Kind of Mixtape - October 2012 from skoablog on 8tracks Radio.


Ace Reporter - "Untouched & Arrived"

Ever since we premiered Ace Reporter's "Untouched & Arrived" it has turned into one of those ear worms that will get stuck in your head for days on end. Fortunately, that's a very good thing, as it always seems to resurface in my brain at times where I'm stressing out the most as a way to calm me down. If this is an indicator of what we can expect from his upcoming debut album, Yearling, we will most certainly be starting 2013 off right. - kibbe!

Black Moth Super Rainbow - "I Think I'm Evil"

It's been a while since the release of BMSR's last album Eating Us. I, like the rest of the hardcore BMSR fans, have been patiently waiting for the groups return and oh did they return. The groups latest LP Cobra Juicy is all and then some. It brings a nice polished feel to it while remaining weird and original as we expected from the continuously evolving experiment band. Take a listen to one of my favorite cuts from the album "I Think I'm Evil" from the album the band classifies as Demon Skater music. Enjoy! - Rocko 

Wazu - "Councillor"

With the release of their debut full length on Halloween, it was only natural that Wazu's lead single, "Councillor" be included in this month's mix due to the reaction I had the first time I heard it. After spending a lot of time with their self-titled EP, this first cut from Robobo had me even more excited about the band then the first time I heard them. Unlike the EP, this time around singer-guitarist Matt is fearless behind the microphone to a point where he can make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand on end while Rizz carefully sends chills down your spine. A lot of growth in only a few months since the EP. I expect to continue to hear more great things from the duo in the coming year. - kibbe!

AlunaGeorge - "Your Drums Your Love"

Every now and again I hear a song that just just automatically puts me in a good mood. Vicious hangover? Forget it, cured! Can't be bothered with work? Wooosh, it's gone once you hit play. This track from AlunaGeorge does that for me. It may perk me up but the lyrics touch upon a turbulent relationship, and it's as though we're looking in but we never truly find out the answer. Nevertheless, I find this track is a great way to start the day, so see if you do too The track is out now and we can expect a full length from them next year. - Shey

Hot Sugar - "Honeycomb Hideout" ft. Aaron Livingston + Izza Kizza

I said it once and i'll say it again, I need some more Hot Sugar and Aaron Livingston in my life. The duo known as Young Vipers (Hot Sugar and Aaron Livingston), along with Timbaland protege Izza Kizza, hook up for another astounding track from Hot Sugar's latest FrEP Midi Murder. Sugar's sexy production comes correct with The Hunter S Thompson of R&B (Livingston) dropping an even sexier hook and the contribution of some dope rhymes from Kizza make this track an absolute banger. Check out the track on this mix and head here to download Hot Sugar's newest EP which features more dope beats and nice guest features. - Rocko 

Local Natives - "Breakers"

I've seen Local Natives once in concert, but that one experience solidified them as one of my favorites in the muddied waters of indie rock. Their debut album Gorilla Manor has seen its fair share of replay over the past three years, and deservedly so. The album had captivating instrumentation, great harmonies, and a cohesive sound, but most of all it had charm and personality. Local Natives is a band that has fun when they play, putting their individuality forth in a genuine way. That mentality stays true with the band's new single "Breakers", the first song from their upcoming sophomore LP Hummingbird. Everything the band does so well, the harmonies, the quirky and alluring combination of instruments, and the charm, all finds a rightful home here. January 29th isn't too long of a wait, right? - Adrian

Foals - "Inhaler"

So I did have another track in my last spot before the whole madness of the last few weeks took hold of everyone but that all changed earlier this week. Back with one hell of a big bang are Foals with a brand new album announcement in the shape of Holy Fire for February next year. Teasing fans with this track titled "Inhaler" it starts with a foot stomping delicate guitar line and a vocal hook that not many ill be able to sing along to (well). What grabbed me by the hair and iced me in the nuts about the track though was the heavy guitar riff after the chorus. Turn it up loud and look forward to 2013 and more new sounds from these guys. - Shey

Kendrick Lamar - "good kid"

Kendrick Lamar's major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d. city was well worth the wait, but in the end it's pretty hard to deny that the Compton rapper aimed for a darker, more depressing tone on the album. That's why the track "good kid" stood out so much, as it envelops the brooding lyrics of Lamar in a mellow, Wu-Tang-style beat that works amazingly well. But seriously, with The Neptunes on production duties, how could it not be amazing? - Adrian

Toro Y Moi - "So Many Details"

Speaking honestly here, I wasn't the biggest fan of Toro Y Moi to begin with. His sophomore album Underneath the Pine took quite some time to grow on me, but it was ultimately Chaz Bundick's debut Causers of This that roped me in. The funky beats, the mellow vibe, the '70s and '80s throwback style, it all worked so well and has made Toro Y Moi a mainstay in my music library. When I heard "So Many Details" for the first time, it reminded me instantly of why I enjoy listening to Toro Y Moi: atmosphere. As an enthusiast of chilled out, downtempo beats, there was no need for a sales pitch, I was sold. What can I say, I'm a sucker for good music. - Adrian

The D.O.T. - "Right Side of Madness"

After waiting months following my first listen of the new project from Mike Skinner (The Streets) and Robert Harvey (The Music) in the form of "And A Hero", I knew that the debut album from The D.O.T.. And That, was going to speak to me in a way that I have wanted an album to do so in months. It did not disappoint me when it dropped last month, specifically with songs like "Right Side of Madness". Once again as he did on "And A Hero", Harvey delivers a vocal performance that will kick you right in the feels. The give and take happening between Skinner and Harvey for the album as a whole yielded a much more deeper emotional response than I had been expecting, as I wasn't exactly sure what to assume from the two of them.  One thing's for sure, it's definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. - kibbe!

 Alt-J - "Taro"

So as I've mentioned I witnessed one of my all time favourite gigs a few weeks ago and the band that I witnessed was Alt-J. The lads have since gone on to win the prestigious Mercury Music Prize for their wonderful album An Awesome Wave. An album that sounds like each intricate noise is meant to be there and is placed perfectly. Album close "Taro" has come to be my favourite with it sounding a little different from the rest while similar too. Nice use of kids shouting "Hey taros!" mid way through too. A perfect end to one of my favourite albums from this year, it seemed fitting to put it on here this month as we begin to round out the year. - Shey

Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics - "Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love)"

To most the name Adrian Younge doesn't ring a bell much. Now if you see the movie Black Dynamite or its recent cartoon series on Adult Swim, you have heard his soulful tunes already as he provides most of the score for both. Aside from the score, Younge and his band Venice Dawn released an album titled Something About April, a nice soulful album that feels like a throwback to the motion era and he recently collabed with Brainfeeder producer The Gaslamp Killer on his newest album. Younge is currently set to release 2 new albums, one is a collaboration with Ghostface Killah titled 13 Reasons To Die and the i'm super excited about which  marks return of the legendary Delfonics. Take a listen to this awesome single above its so throwback its perfect. - Rocko