[Listen] Jimi Hendrix - "Somewhere" (Preview)

Today marks what would of been one of the greatest musicians to walk the earth's 70th birthday. Jimi Hendrix undoubtedly changed the way, I for one, and millions of others look at music. His music spans generations. I remember once listening with my Granddad as a pre-teen and wondering what the hell my ears had been awoken to. When I first got into guitar music he was the first place I went to hortly after. He's also the reason I've spent far too much money on guitar pedals over the past few years as well as aiding my tired self with far too many late nights playing until my fingers had blisters trying to replicate his legendary tone. To celebrate the occasion, today we can preview a new single titled "Somewhere" from his forthcoming posthumous album, People, Hell & Angels, which is set for release on March 5th next year. 

RollingStone have offered up a clip that shows Eddie Kramer talking about the track in a preview clip and he funnily enough talks about Jimi's guitar sound and the impact his pedals, in this clip his Wah, had on his experience with Jimi. Kramer engineered Hendrix's classic Electric Ladyland at the legendary studios of the same name. The song itself features Stephen Stills and drummer Buddy Miles rocking with Jimi. Check it out above and be sure to look out for more tracks creeping online in the coming months. Happy birthday, Jimi.