[Watch] Flying Lotus - "Tiny Tortures" (Video)

It's Flying Lotus day today, as he steps away from the cartoonish rap stylings of his Captain Murphy moniker to drop a video for the song "Tiny Tortures". The song, which was featured on this year's Until the Quiet Comes, is a trippy-yet-subtle soundscape, and that translates perfectly to the visual medium. Starring Elijah Wood, the video is described as a "cinematic portrait of the transformative nature of Flying Lotus, who collides the real and the surreal through kinetic soundscapes". Surreal is an understatement. Check it out above.

Enduring the acid-tinged hallucinations of the digital-age, this slow-motion trip explores the relationship between humans and machines. As objects move and float, we enter a visual dream world – the culmination of Flying Lotus’ vivid songwriting and Lenandowsky’s surreal aesthetic."