[News] Arcade Fire Debut New Material at Secret Show

Arcade Fire's album The Suburbs is over 2 years old now, and that means the band have been locked away working on some new material for quite some time. The ever reliable Arcade Fire Tube now points out that the Montreal group played a small secret show at Breakglass Studios over the weekend on Saturday night in their hometown. Exciting, right? They also used a different band name using the moniker Los Identiks and the new music was said to be "dance-y" and according to The Vine the tiny audience of about 100 people consisted of "friends, strangers, randoms". Now, the band were pretty strict with their filming policy, and no foortage actually hit the net so props to them and the crowd for staying true to that so for now all we can do is get excited. Check out a new track titled "Crucified Again" from New York in October.

We're expecting a new album from the band some time in 2013.

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