[SKOA Premiere] Bedroom - 'Toys' EP

In the craziness that is the music blogosphere, there are bound to be moments when you stumble across a musician who, while unknown by many, captures your attention immediately. Their music sucks you in immediately, you form a friendship with them, and as that friendship grows and your respect for their music grows, you want to do nothing but promote and spread the word about this person. Bedroom is one of these musicians.

Bedroom is a solo project formed by Nashville, Tennessee native Noah Kittinger. The 16-year-old's bedroom project (no pun intended) has taken shape with influence from artist's such as Youth Lagoon, Bon Iver, Baths, Radiohead and Beach House, and the influences are apparent in his music. With a subtle acoustic guitar-driven sound, Bedroom delves into the world of chillwave in a rather unique way, taking a lo-fi approach and incorporating indie influences. Each song he produces is serene, calming and vocally distant, a joy to listen to, and we here at SKOA are happy to premiere Bedroom's brand new EP titled Toys, which you can stream and download in full below. When speaking of the album, here's what Kittinger had to say:

I wrote these songs in a time of depression last year. I've always made music but just recently (last month) started recording these songs that I wrote.When I write, I don't do it all in one setting. I usually have a melody, and maybe a lyric or two, and I just piece what I have in my mind together, like a puzzle. I recorded this EP how I heard it in my head, which was far away and distant. The whole lo-fi/dreampop/reverb thing just happened naturally and I stayed with it. I like what my music is becoming, but there is still room for improvement and hopefully that will all show on my next release. Thanks for listening."

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