[Watch] Nicolas Jaar - "Materials" (Official Video)

For being only 22-years-old, American-Chilean musician Nicolas Jaar has taken his music to a highly conceptual and experimental level, a plane that a lot of musicians tend to reach only once they've exhausted what they did best in the first place. Sure, Jaar's music may seem weird or eccentric upon first listening to it, but since when was weird or eccentric ever a bad thing? Not only that, but Jaar has a knack for taking simplistic ideas or concepts and running with it in exciting ways. Sounds that you may have thought would not work do just the opposite in Jaar's world of ambient instrumentation, they just seem to fit beautifully. What is even more impressive is that he put out not only two EPs last year, but a full length LP, titled Space Is Only Noise, on top of that.

Now, Jaar has released a brand new video for his song "Materials," which comes across as a strange move considering the song comes from his 2010 EP Mark & Angels. Nonetheless, the music video fits perfectly into Jaar's bizarre world, with a young version of himself succumbing to a dark and twisted nightmare. You can watch the Pondr-directed video and all it's nightmarish goodness above, courtesy of The Fader.