[Watch] Radiohead Perform Two New Tracks "Identikit" and "Cut A Hole" Live in Miami

With the world more than eager to open their arenas to Radiohead, last night the band kicked off their extensive 2012 world tour and I think it's safe to say that fans weren't expecting quite so many surprises! Or maybe they were... Whilst playing a 24 song set in Miami last night they played two brand new songs as well as playing "Meeting in the Aisle" an OK Computer b-side for the first time live (after the jump!!)

Up at the top you can watch them debut a track titled "Identikit" whilst after the jump is a performance of a new one called "Cut A Hole". This has to be good news, right? They're playing tracks from their last release The King of Limbs and they're already dropping new tracks and it's only the first night of their tour?! More and more footage is appearing every hour on Youtube but for now enjoy some of Thom's trademark dance moves in the clips we've found.

"Identikit" is a drum heavy upbeat number with haunting melodies whilst "Cut A Hole" is a more downbeat number. Exciting times ahead as we await to see if more tracks will creep out of the woodwork during their on-going tour.

"Cut A Hole"

"Meeting in the Aisle"

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