[Download] Elia & The Low Tears - "Perfect Circles"

Awhile back we rolled the dice on London alt-soul outfit Elia & The Low Tears and found ourselves happily humming along to with their video to, "I Control Your Heartbeat". This past week the band released another track, "Perfect Circles", which you can grab below for the actual retail price of $FREE.99 (unless of course you like supporting unsigned artists, then you should head to iTunes to show them some love).

Although "Perfect Circles" is not oozing in smoothness as "I Control Your Heartbeat" did, the kooky electro-soul paired with rocky riffs will still keep your toes a-tappin'. I still can't get enough of frontman Elia Rulli's rich soulful voice. It's almost like you're afraid that his vocals will take control of you but you're also completely okay with it at the same time.

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