[Listen] The Ting Tings - "Soul Killing"

It has been four years since Manchester duo The Ting Tings released their debut album We Started Nothing, and, since then, there is no doubt that the pair have kept themselves busy. After extensive touring, they started recording their sophomore LP in Berlin, but ultimately scrapped it and headed to Spain to start over. The result of this Spanish endeavor is Sounds From Nowheresville. We've already heard the lead single from the album, "Hang It Up," and today Spinner has premiered another track from the forthcoming album. The track, titled "Soul Killing," is an energetic, reggae-driven track that features some simple horn instrumentation and the use of Spanish rocking chairs. When speaking to Spinner, lead singer and guitarist Katie White said that "'Soul Killing' is about frustration in this biz. This is a real squeaking rocking-chair song. Don't let anyone shoot you down!!!" Give the song a listen below.

Sounds From Nowheresville is out on Feburary 27th in the U.K. and on March 13th in North America.

The Ting Tings - "Soul Killing"