[Watch and Listen] Plugs - "On and On" (Video) x Remixes By Breton & BlackJoy

I'm gonna continue to vouch for how awesome the boys of Plugs are especially after hearing their latest single "On and On" off their forthcoming self titled debut album. The new track differs from much of the band's earlier electronic tracks like their last single "Black Microdots" and it hits with a hard psych rock sound and melody reminiscent of Beck.

Check out the awesome lo fi visuals to the track above (dont be worried that the audio sounds broken at the intro, its supposed to be that way) and after you enjoy your trip, check out a full stream of the upcoming single EP below featuring remixes by SKoA faves Breton and BlackJoy. The single is now available on iTunes France and the EP is set to drop on March 25th in France via Eurostar Records. Hopefully, it will get an international release soon but for now we just gotta enjoy what's being handed to us. For more music and news on PLUGS, click here.